Nurturing an interest in nature

Nurturing an interest in nature

Support for K-12: During an employee day of service at the Bell Museum in July of 2018, a team of H.B. Fuller volunteers prepared materials for one of the Bell’s K-12 STEM science labs, dedicated to pollinators and their participation in our ecosystems.

Research connections: Designed with school groups in mind, science labs provide standards-focused, collaborative learning experiences for students of all ages, connecting classrooms with leading scientific research taking place at the University of Minnesota. Through their volunteer work, H.B. Fuller employees made a significant impact on helping the Bell Museum launch their latest K-12 field trip program in the museum’s new building.

Next-gen STEM: "It was an incredible experience to welcome H.B. Fuller employees into the new building and to know that their efforts played an important part in helping the next generation of STEM learners understand the vital role that pollinators play in our daily lives."

—Hannah Baines, director of development, Bell Museum

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