'Champions at the highest level'

'Champions at the highest level'

Homecoming: For more than 25 years, Gopher Football had been played at a pro football stadium off-campus after its original venue became outdated and was later demolished. Huntington Bank was instrumental in bringing Gopher Football back to campus. Through a naming agreement commitment of $35 million in 2005, Huntington Bank’s support built momentum for a successful campaign to construct a new stadium. In 2009, Huntington Bank Stadium officially opened its doors and a campus landmark was born.

Brand showcase: Huntington Bank is also a generous supporter of Athletes Village and Gopher Athletics sponsorship opportunities. Through Huntington Bank’s strategic investments, its brand is front and center for students, fans, and the community at large. Huntington Bank's support for Gopher Athletics plays a pivotal role in building a renowned athletic program, showcases Huntington Bank as a corporate citizen, and inspires other potential donors and sponsors to support Gopher student-athletes.

More than a place to play: "Huntington Bank and the University of Minnesota—it’s a natural fit between two elite institutions. Huntington Bank is a big reason why the University was able to move football back to campus and play outdoors. However, Huntington Bank Stadium is more than bricks and mortar. It creates a community gathering space and provides generations with lifelong memories. It also elevates the Huntington Bank brand and showcases the strength of our broad and long-standing partnership. Huntington Bank executives and employees are loyal fans and champions at the highest level. We are grateful for their support and look forward to our continuing relationship."

—P.J. Fleck, head coach, Golden Gopher Football

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