Supporting the next generation

Supporting the next generation

In a nutshell: Polaris Inc. has made a strategic investment in the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering (CSE) to help the University build a diverse STEM talent pipeline. This gift will support the college’s long-term growth by increasing awareness of STEM education and ensuring support and hands-on learning for future scientists, engineers, and potential Polaris employees. 

Investing in students: A $1 million gift from Polaris will expand educational and experiential opportunities at CSE. During the 2020-21 academic year, the company is funding scholarships for 10 students majoring in electrical engineering or mechanical engineering. The Polaris Scholars program includes opportunities for networking and mentoring by Polaris employees. 

Experiential learning: CSE’s 2,000-square-foot student machine shop will be named the Polaris Student Machine Shop. Part of the college’s Anderson Student Innovation Labs, it includes high-end industrial equipment for fabrication of various machine parts. 

Real-world impact: Students can use the space for hands on learning projects and work with companies to solve engineering problems. Student groups, such as the Solar Vehicle Project team and Society of Women Engineers, also use the shop to build components for competitions and projects. 

History of support: This gift places Polaris among the major corporate donors to Driven, the University of Minnesota’s $4 billion fundraising campaign. Previous gifts have supported the University Athlete’s Village Polaris Leadership Classrooms, 4H Youth Safety, the Carlson School of Management’s Veteran’s Initiative, and CSE student programs.

Why it matters: “At Polaris, we believe in supporting the next generation of engineers, builders, designers, and creators as they work to pursue their degrees, especially students in diverse and historically underrepresented communities,” says Lucy Clark Dougherty, president of the Polaris Foundation. “By providing new and innovative opportunities inclusive of all students who seek to explore careers in science and engineering, this partnership expands on our efforts to help prepare the next generation of STEM talent.”

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